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Chemical Engineering at a Glance

Chemical engineering (CHE) is a branch of engineering that deals with many applications. These applications include involvement in the design, improvement of the many ubiquitous materials, things, which you use every day.
August 19, 2014
Chemical engineering (CHE) is an engineering branch that deals with many applications. These applications are largely involved in the design, improvement of the many ubiquitous materials, things, which you use daily. These can be in the area of chemical, biological, medical and the list goes on. The design process can be at nano or macro-scale depending on its application; during the designs, application processes chemical engineers have to maintain, ensure, proper safety, quality control, quality assurance, sustainability and economically. As chemical engineers, you understand the challenges that lie ahead in the field. This means the entire process of a design must be planned, controlled for safety, cost and so on.  Critical thinking, analyzing, compartmentalizing things must be at the core to make inform decision. Choosing a discipline like chemical engineering is for the love of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Many may want to study this field because it has great earning potential; in other case, many like the challenges that are associated with this field to simplify daily living for many and bring better products through new engineering discoveries. You have to learn to embrace CHE as a new community. For chemical engineers it is imperative to know who you can lean on for help or ask questions on affairs that are CHE related. Another is get use to work in group. Many of you may not realize working in group is a great way to understand the concept of new materials from others. Working in group allows you to express your engineering mind. After all, in the real world, you have to share, collaborate and brainstorm ideas with colleagues. And also when you work in group you come to know each other and possibly talk about tangential things that are important. After all, you are homo-sapiens and social by nature. Working in group is excellent.  You as a chemical engineer you must keep your eye on the goal. Often time, you will try to carry a conversation with some colleagues to know that they do not know much about the industry they are in. This is a colossal mistake that most employers make by hiring the wrong candidates. This is why it is gravely important to listen, talk, attend seminars, and be informed about all the possible avenues in your discipline. 
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