Licensing Agreements & Royalty Rates

According to USPTO a patent is an intellectual property right granted by the Government of the United States of America to an inventor "to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States” for a limited time in exchange for public disclosure of the invention when the patent is granted. 

On that note, a license owner can license his or her technolgy to a specific organization. A license agreement allows to get some form of payment as royalty. Royalty payments can be interpreted as a profit sharing system. By receiving royalty income, a technology licensor shares the profit streams generated from the licensee’s efforts in commercializing the patented technology. Royalty rates in a majority of license agreements are defined as a percentage of sales or a payment per unit.

To make things a little bit easier Geazle has compiled licensing agreement and royalty rates across many industires. Registration is free;  registered users can search the database by industry,SIC Code,product categorization or keyword, and filter results to select the most relevant records to use. Click here to Royalty Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should use data from Geazle STEM web-based Network?
A: These data are useful for negotiating licenses, whether in a university technology transfer or an industry setting; these data can also be used to settle pending litigation or avert potential litigation. The data provide the user a portrait of the licensing landscape in a number of industries. 

Q: What types of licensing agreements can I find on Geazle STEM web-based Network?

A: You are expected to see several different types of licensing agreements.  

Q: Where do the data come from?

A: The data are information from public sources, including SEC filings, press releases.

Q: What will I receive when I use data from Geazle STEM web-based Network?

A: Your data will contain the following information for each record you select to use.

  • Licensee
  • Licensor
  • Upfront Fee
  • Agreement Date
  • Date Entered
  • Technology
  • Royalty Rates
  • Agreement
  • Exclusive License
  • Licensee SIC Code
  • Licensor SI Code
  • Notes
  • Source

Q: Do all the licenses have royalty rates?
A: Not all the licenses on Geazle STEM web-based Network have running royalty rates. Some licenses are paid in a lump sum form only.

Q: How frequently are the records updated?

A: Geazle STEM web-based Network is adding new record to the database. Be sure to check back frequently for new licenses in your specific area of interest.

Q: What are the restrictions on use of the data?

A: Please see the terms of service at the footer of the site

Q: Is my personal information safe?

A: Please be sure to read the privacy.

Q: What does it mean if there is a blank field in a License Report?  

A: A blank field in the Licensing agreement simply means that the source document used to create the Licensing agreement did not provide that topic specifically.