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Staying Active

By Milton Bertrand Maintaining a healthy life by staying active

Communicating where it Matters by Using...

Communicating where it Matters by Using the “Right” Social Platform for Your Audience

S.T.E.M Fields Make Them Possible

Do you have them all figured out? None of these would have been possible without S.T.E.M fields.

The Indispensability of Mathematics

To understand all physical phenomena, mysteries, and the existence of humanity, mathematics is the gate of entry. It is the universal language of civilization.

Macrocosmic Presence of Mathematics

Your hopes, your desires, everything you did, do, or will ever do rest within numbers; Mathematics contains all the answers to all the questions in this macrocosm; the secret to immortality, eternal happiness, and the meaning of life rest within number...

About us

About Geazle STEM Platform What is it?   SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATHEMATICS Our Mission: To be a unique voice for STEM fields that facilitates better communication, collaboration, innovation and networking. About US: Geazle is a ...

The Entrepreneurial Attitude

By Milton Bertrand Fellow Geazler You may soon become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you are not an individual who run around and tell the world you are an entrepreneur. You are a very busy person and focused on your work. Entrepreneurship is a ...

Building Positive Social Portfolio in S...

As more people are connected to one another via social media, it is important to build a positive social media portfolio. Unfortunately, these social media platforms are not designed or tailored to build a positive social portfolio. Therefore, Geazle S...

What is STEM Education?

What is STEM Education?

Forgetting can make you smarter

According to a new review paper, forgetting can actually make you smarter. The goal of memory is not to transmit the most accurate information over time; however, it is to guide and optimize intelligent decision making by only holding on to valuable in...

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Geazle is a voice for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), to facilitate, stimulate the promotion of new discoveries, and innovation in STEM for national and international benefit, and to involve and engage the general public.
"STEM education fosters creativity, invites diverse points of view, promotes entrepreneurship and offers appropriate role models for all. To drive the economy into the 21st century, there is a sense of urgency to equip the future generation with the skills and experiences that will prepare them to be leaders" said Milton Bertrand.
"Geazle is a place for people of all ages and interests who simply want to gain knowledge," Milton Bertrand said.
“It (has) been put upon us to make better contact with non-scientists in the community,” said Marc E. Freeman, distinguished research professor of Biological Science at Florida State University. “People who are not in science have no idea what’s going on, but they’re paying the bill.A site such as this is very useful — it tends to water down what is hot, tell them what is hot, but do it in everyday language.” Geazle encourages people who are not completely dedicated to the STEM disciplines to join, because of the opportunity to gain knowledge from the experience. Read MoreLess