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Graviton and virtual photons

 Abstract: In quantum electrodynamics (QED) a charged particle emits exchange force particles continuously. This process has no effect on the properties of a charged particle such as its mass and charge. How is it explainable? If a charged partic...

The Physics and Chemistry of Love

Have you ever thought about the butterflies in the stomach? Its such a great moment when u see a person and feel all these flying butterflies and you feel urself in the Heaven. But what are the reasons of such effects? Surfing in the internet I found a...

What is a Germ? What is a Virus? Do ger...

Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895), was made famous for his germ theory. But why was the research of Antoine Bechamp (1816 – 1908), shoved under the carpet? Bechamp discovered that germs are not the primary cause of disease, but in fact, a seconda...

Gene discovered that reduces risk of st...

A gene that protects people against one of the major causes of stroke in young and middle-aged adults has been discovered, and researchers say that it could hold the key to new treatments.

Communicating where it Matters by Using...

Communicating where it Matters by Using the “Right” Social Platform for Your Audience

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  • What is the future of cyber science and artificial intelligence (AI)?

    By: Milton Bertrand
    STEM proponent a fellow Geazler STEM Platform
    It is evident that scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians (STEMers) are constantly working to create new innovations to transform and shape the way society li...
  • Tune Up Your Brain

    By: Milton Bertrand
    Immerse youself in intellectual pursuits.
    Share your passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM). Challenge your brain with all the wonders of STEM fields. The STEM fields can take you in a journey of fun and ...
  • New research shows that exercice may make you smarter

    Working with mice, neuroscientists at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon have discovered that a short burst of exercise directly boosts the function of a gene that increases connections between neurons in the hippocampus,...
  • Science and Religion

    Since the ancient times, the connection between science and religion and their functions in the forming of knowledge has been a subject of numerous works. Some philosophers and scientists have proved that religion and science represent completely diffe...
  • Be Aware of Smokers

    Thirdhand smoke can damage epithelial cells in the respiratory system by stressing cells and causing them to fight for survival.
  • New Study shows that Fasting Ramps Up Human Metabolism

    Date:January 31, 2019
    Source:Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University
    Summary:Research uncovers previously unknown effects of fasting, including notably increased metabolic activity and possible anti-aging effects.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health Privacy

    Advances in artificial intelligence, including activity trackers, smartphones and smartwatches, threaten the privacy of people's health data, according to new research.
  • Different types of plagiarism in research | Paraphrasing, Copying and patchwork

    Plagiarism can be tricky to understand at the first sight. this article explains to top 6 types of plagiarism in simple language. This way, the students can educate themselves and stay away from plagiarism while in their schools and research work.
  • Exercise to Stay Fit in Later Years

  • Invest in Knowledge

    Geazle STEM platform is to understand the fundamental of science, technology, engineering, mathematics