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Lens turns smartphone into a microscope...

Researchers have created an optical lens that can be placed on an inexpensive smartphone to magnify images by a magnitude of 120, all for just 3 cents a lens.

Is it a solar cell? Is it a battery? No...

Abstract from Nature: With a high theoretical specific energy, the non-aqueous rechargeable lithium–oxygen battery is a promising next-generation energy storage technique. However, the large charging overpotential remains a challenge due to the diffi...

The inventor of Kevlar Stephanie Kwolek...

Para-aramid synthetic fiber was developed at DuPont in 1965 by Stephanie Kwolek.  Kevlar is the common name as it is the registered trademark.  It was first commercially used in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires. &nbs...

Breath Analysis Could Help Diagnose Pul...

A pilot study, published in the October 2012 issue of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer's (IASLC) Journal of Thoracic Oncology, showed that breath testing could be used to discriminate between benign and malignant pulmonar...

University of South Florida Team Hemoli...

We are asking for your vote. The final phase of the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE campaign goes through Oct. 30, 2014. The online votes will account for 10 percent of a team’s overall score, with the remaining 90 percent evaluated by a judging panel compr...

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health Privacy

    Advances in artificial intelligence, including activity trackers, smartphones and smartwatches, threaten the privacy of people's health data, according to new research.
  • Different types of plagiarism in research | Paraphrasing, Copying and patchwork

    Plagiarism can be tricky to understand at the first sight. this article explains to top 6 types of plagiarism in simple language. This way, the students can educate themselves and stay away from plagiarism while in their schools and research work.
  • Exercise to Stay Fit in Later Years

  • Invest in Knowledge

    Geazle STEM platform is to understand the fundamental of science, technology, engineering, mathematics
  • Study finds bad bosses could turn you into a great boss

    A new University of Central Florida study suggests abuse and mistreatment by those at the top of an organization do not necessarily lead to abusive behavior by lower-level leaders. When offered leadership opportunities, prior victims of workplace abuse...
  • Paternal Exercise Has a Significant Impact on the Metabolic Health of Offspring Well into their Adulthood

    Most parents know that the diet and exercise habits of a pregnant woman impacts the health of her baby, but little is known about how a father's health choices are passed to his children. A new study finds that lifestyle practices of fathers prior to...  more
  • Be Aware of Artificial sweeteners

    According to a collaborative research study published by the American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, six artificial sweeteners indicate relative toxicity (aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, neotame, advantame, and acesulfame potass...
  • Brain Fogginess, Gas and Bloating Are Linked to the use of Probiotic and Metabolic Acidosis

    Probiotic use can result in a significant accumulation of bacteria in the small intestine that can result in disorienting brain fogginess as well as rapid, significant belly bloating, investigators report. Source:
    Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
  • Mom’s Microbiome and Autism Risk

    The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that naturally live inside us. The microbiome has vital importance to good health. According to a new publication by researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, autism risk is determi...
  • Geazle STEM Platform

    Geazle STEM Platform connects scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians (STEMers). In addition, Geazle is open to anyone that is curious about STEM.