igeazle portable/travel desk
It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

Engineering Articles

  • I felt pretty down that no one would know about this.” Ahmed Mohamed

    Be inspired by story like this to pursue STEM. STEM fields are in fact the pillars of great innovations. It is very cool to be a STEMer.
  • Tiny mechanical wrist gives new dexterity to needlescopic surgery

    A mechanical wrist less than 1/16th of an inch thick -- small enough to use in needlescopic surgery, the least invasive form of minimally invasive surgery -- has been created by scientists. Needlescopic surgery, which uses surgical instruments shrunk to...  more
  • Intellectuals and the rise of the modern economy as to why STEM fields matter

    There are good reasons to get engaged and involved in STEM education.
  • Seahorse Tail as Inspiration to Future Robots and Medical Devices

    The key aspect to better, tougher and more coordinated robots as well as improved medical devices, among other advances, could derive from the square tail of the seahorse.
  • Addressing long-standing mysteries behind anti-wear motor oil additive

    Motor oil contains chemical additives that extend how long engines can run without failure, but, despite decades of ubiquity, how such additives actually work to prevent this damage have remained a mystery. Now, engineers and ExxonMobil have teamed up to...  more
  • Drive System Saves Space and Weight in Electric Cars

    Siemens has developed a solution for integrating an electric car's motor and inverter in a single housing. Until now, the motor and the inverter, which converts the battery's direct current into alternating current for the motor, were two separate components.
  • Robotics in School Education

    Robotics has for many years been a popular extracurricular activity, but a growing number of schools are now embedding it in their curricula. This movement is being encouraged by recent National Curriculum reforms and the introduction of the ...
  • Girls Discover Robotics

    Imagine the potential of a multi-national project that inspires girls and young women to enter the fascinating world of robots, where they can explore design, technology, ICT and science in an exciting way!
  • Is it a solar cell? Is it a battery? No, it's a solar battery!

    Abstract from Nature: With a high theoretical specific energy, the non-aqueous rechargeable lithium–oxygen battery is a promising next-generation energy storage technique. However, the large charging overpotential remains a challenge due to the...  more
  • Elusive particle that is its own antiparticle observed

    Scientists have observed an exotic particle that behaves simultaneously like matter and antimatter, a feat of math and engineering that could yield powerful computers based on quantum mechanics.