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The Entrepreneurial Attitude

By Milton Bertrand Fellow Geazler

You may soon become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you are not an individual who run around and tell the world you are an entrepreneur. You are a very busy person and focused on your work.

Entrepreneurship is a full time role; it is not an endeavor that rests between your full time salaried positions. While it is true, you need to earn a living. As an entrepreneur your primary focus is not driving by money. It is all about putting the hours and the sweat; someday you might make a lot of money.

As an entrepreneur you learn from your mistakes and move on as you will experience some failures along the way. As entrepreneur do not be afraid to bankrupt as you chase your dream. Guys like Walt Disney, Henry Ford and many others have gone bankrupt in the pursuit of their dreams. The perseverance of these entrepreneurs is great lesson.  

The bucks always stop with you. You need to grow thick skin; it will be served to tolerate great discomfort. If you are afraid of risk or criticism then you shouldn’t get in.  Be ready to put yourself forward.  Be malleable; you cannot be my way or the highway kind of entrepreneur. Delegation and collaboration will be key assets as you bring others to work with you.

First and foremost, you must believe in your ideas as they will not be instantly grasped, understood by everyone around you. Trusting your instinct is important when your ideas are attacked as being nonviable.

After all, as entrepreneur it takes you hunger, desire, courage, discipline and some David-like toughness to battle against Goliath’s in the industry.

Being an entrepreneur or company founder is “the nearest a man can come to giving birth”, says Sir Martin Sorrell.

About Milton Bertrand:
Milton is a STEM advocate and a fellow Geazler. His passion for STEM fields extends way back to his early childhood when his curiosity led him to reverse engineer his toys and tinker with many types of experiments. Currently, Milton is working on the stimulation of STEM to raise awareness regarding the importance of these disciplines.