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WOW Classic Is Considering The Return Of Server Layering

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    July 29, 2020 11:39 PM EDT

    Due to influx of activity and server queues, Blizzard is considering bringing server layering back to World of Warcraft Classic, which also proves that Classic is wildly popular.

    In recent updates, the PVP scene dominates, a large number of players poured into the Classic servers with more and more players stayed at home to play games, resulting in long queue time, with this in mind, Blizzard has to restart the server layering to help reduce the server load and get players logged in more quickly.

    If you haven’t forgotten, in the early days of WOW Classic release, server layering was available to accommodate overloaded players, but the technical issues caused some drama, as a result, the server layering has always been a controversial element of WOW Classic.

    Would you like to play a game that requires a few hours to log in? In order to retain existing player base, WOW Classic must make some changes. With server layering, it basically means each server has different layers, making it so that the realm could hold more players than usual, and there is no need to wait long when logging in.

    However, server layering may disrupt the in-game economic balance, players need to use Gold to buy a variety of raw materials, equipment and weapons in WOW Classic, with the players on different layers of the same server increasing, the resources that each layer can provide to players are very limited, and even most players can't get those rare natural resources.
    Whether you approve of bringing server layering in World of Warcraft Classic, your view may be considered.

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