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Sharks Patrick Marleau gets grammatically incorrect gloves c

  • August 3, 2022 11:36 PM EDT

    When Sharks center Patrick Marleau skates in his first shift on Monday night, he will officially become the NHL's all-time leader in games played, at 1, Kurt Benkert Jerseys 768. He'll surpa s Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, who hadheld the record since the now 41-year-old Marleau was just 204 days old (that's April 6, 1980).

    It's a special night for Marleau, the Sharks, the hosting Golden Knights, the NHL, hockey historians and, now, copy editors.

    Wait. What?

    Well, the Sharks tweeted out pictures of specially made gloves for Marleau. The black Green Bay Packers Accessories CCM mitts were embroidered with gold stitching and, on one of the gloves, displayed the milestone marker: "Most games played in NHL history 1768th Sterling Sharpe Jerseys NHL games."

    the gloves

    San Jose Sharks (@SanJoseSharks)

    Yikes. Not to be grammar nerds but in that last section, it should either read, "1768th NHL game" or "1768 NHL games."

    Um, not both.


    It should also be noted the other glove sports the three teams he skated for during those 1,768 games Rasul Douglas Jerseys the Sharks (1,596), Penguins (eight) and Maple Leafs (164). Very cool, right? Well, there is one slight i sue: The Leafs' logo isn't the one the team used when he was there in 2017-19. The logo on the gloves was last worn by the club in 2015-16, .

    Sporting News Chauncey Rivers Jerseys has confirmed Marleau will not wear the gloves for Monday's history-making game; so maybe he can get them fixed before he puts them in his collection case.

    And maybe, when he does get the re-do, he can add the Hurricanes who felt a little left out.

    sad we didn't make the gloves tbh

    Carolina Brett Favre Jerseys Hurricanes (@Canes)

    Marleau was a member of the Hurricanes organization for about five days when he was traded to the club by the Leafs on June 22, 2019, then bought out five days later. to a fan who commented that he never skated in a game for the Carolina franchise, "in fairne s we never said he did."

    Good point.

  • May 26, 2023 7:16 AM EDT

    It seems Sharks' Patrick Marleau has ended up with grammatically incorrect gloves. While the mishap may bring a chuckle, it's a reminder that even the pros can encounter unexpected twists. I suggest you to check MERITBRISK and learn more interested things about games. However, it's not the gloves that define Marleau's skill and dedication. His on-ice performance speaks volumes, showcasing his talent and contribution to the team. Grammar aside, Marleau's presence on the ice is what truly matters, and fans eagerly anticipate his next powerful play.

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