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Why Human Hair Bundles Still are Popular

  • April 24, 2022 10:09 PM EDT

    People's hair bundles have gained popularity and are still in good condition today. Even though many hair products have appeared in recent years, it still can't completely replace them. Today's blog will provide an analysis of human hair strands.

    What's a human hair bundle

    A human hair bundle is a group of hair stretching wefts, which are neatly rolled up and tied with a ribbon-wrapped rubber band. According to the origin of hair, they are usually divided into several types: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and so on.

    Hair bundles texture

    With top-level human hair quality, the bundles are designed as straight line, body wave, loose wave, loose deep wave, deep wave, water wave and curl to meet various market demands. Different hair textures can show you all kinds of temperament, and one or more kinds of them must satisfy your taste.

    Characteristics of human hair bundle

    There are three main characteristics of human hair bundles:

    1. Realistic appearance

    A human hair bundle is perfectly mixed with one's own hair, because it is only made of real hair and full of healthy and natural luster. And the synthetic counterpart can never be perfectly replaced. As synthetic, just give people a feeling of "synthesis". If possible, without styling or death, human hair bundles can be seamlessly integrated into their own hair. It is difficult for unprofessional people to realize whether it is real hair or not.

    1. Variable Styles

    The human hair bundles are convenient and easy to change the color of your hair to follow the trend color this year. Not only can human hair bundles avoid this trouble by allowing death, curling, or perming to occur as our own hair, but human hair bundles can be long, which is satisfying a lot of women who want to have a beautiful long hairstyle. Now the longest length of our bundles is 40 inches and will help you to fulfill this dream.

    1. Lower cost

    Bundles as part of the lace wig making was considerably less costly compared with lace wigs. One or two bundles are enough for you to design some cute and beautiful styles, such as ponytail, bun style, etc

    Where to buy the best bundles

    Our hair store’s bundles are made from high-quality human hair and have a double layer of fabric, which allows better fixation of hair and avoidance of hair loss. And do we have many recent preferential activities and offers. Just check the hair information and place order on our store.