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  • Study finds that dolphins may be able to detect magnetic fields

    By: Meghan DeMaria
    A new study suggests that dolphins are attracted to magnets and can detect magnetic fields in objects.
    Researchers at the University of Rennes 1 and the University Institute of France observed how six bottleneck dolphi...
  • The water on Earth existed even before the Sun existence, says scientists

    By: Smita Bishop
    The Earth’s water is older than the sun.Scientists say that main parts of Earth’s water produced by Interstellar-ice are much older than the Sun.
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  • Merck drug extends immune system fight to stomach cancer

    "By Ben Hirschler
    MADRID (Reuters) - Merck & Co's drug Keytruda, the first in a new wave of immune-boosting medicines to be approved for treating melanomas in the United States, also has potential in stomach cancer, new research shows.
  • Screens Test: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

    By: David Katzmaier and Scott Stein, CNET
    "Aside from one another, the main competition for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes from Samsung’s line of Galaxies, the Galaxy S5 and the upcoming N...
  • Games the will make your kids smarter


    Most educational games you find in the iTunes and Google Play stores barely earn a passing grade. But the following eight titles are a lock for the honor roll. If you want smarter kids, get them smarter apps like these.
    1. DragonBox Algebra ...
  • Science and Technology Can Make You Happier

    "By Katie Couric
    Can you really click your way to happiness?
    You've heard of Fitbit and FuelBand — high-tech ways to get physically fit. Now there are apps for "emotional fitness" and Happify is one of them.
    Happify is a digital tool that offe...
  • A Perfect Model For Human Health Is Being Built

    "Earlier this month, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin expressed their reservations about entering the health-care industry, a space so heavily regulated “it’s just a painful business to be in,” Brin said at the time....
  • Air Pollution Suggests We Are Not Alone In The Universe

    "Earthlings often wonder if life exists on other planets, and researchers said Wednesday that hunting for traces of pollution from distant worlds could provide the answer. 
    Under certain conditions, astronomers in the next decade might be able to...