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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health Privacy

    Advances in artificial intelligence, including activity trackers, smartphones and smartwatches, threaten the privacy of people's health data, according to new research.
  • Exercise to Stay Fit in Later Years

  • Paternal Exercise Has a Significant Impact on the Metabolic Health of Offspring Well into their Adulthood

    Most parents know that the diet and exercise habits of a pregnant woman impacts the health of her baby, but little is known about how a father's health choices are passed to his children. A new study finds that lifestyle practices of fathers prior to...  more
  • Connection found between fitness level, brain activity, and executive function

    Brain function associated with higher cardiorespiratory fitness plays a role in increased cognitive performance in older adults, according to a new study. Specifically, the scientists found that dual-task processing in a core executive function brain...  more
  • Staying safe in sandy beaches

    Beach sand contains all kinds of microorganisms, including those that can harm human health. Yet current guidelines are focused exclusively on monitoring the levels of microbes in the water. Now, an international panel of scientists is recommending...  more
  • Thirdhand smoke: Toxic airborne pollutants linger long after smoke clears

    A new study assessing the health effects of thirdhand smoke constituents present in indoor air. Looking at levels of more than 50 volatile organic compounds and airborne particles for 18 hours after smoking had taken place, they found that thirdhand...  more
  • Mom’s Microbiome and Autism Risk

    The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that naturally live inside us. The microbiome has vital importance to good health. According to a new publication by researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, autism risk is determi...
  • Drinking Coffee Has Great Health Benefits

    According to scientific researchers, drinking coffee is "more likely to benefit health than to harm it" for a range of health outcomes.  

    They bring together evidence from over 200 studies and find that drinking three to four cups of coffe...
  • Stay Mentally Sound in Older Age

    According to new research, stimulating the brain by taking on leadership roles at work or staying on in education help people stay mentally fit in later life. 

    The large scale research study was published in the journal PLOS Medicine ...
  • Time to Speak for STEMers

    By Milton Bertrand
    Inspiration is one of the keys needed to bolster public appreciation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  As it is today, it seems evident that there is little outreach by STEMers to engage the public ...