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Do animals like Turritopsis Dohrnii and lobsters hold the key to immortality in humans?

  • Posted by Brian Acosta
  • January 16, 2021 2:45 PM EST

    Viruses like COVID 19 are currently spreading around the globe. Our scientists need to be fervently researching to ensure the survival of the human race. Research has already shown that our entire health system is designed around our interaction with the biology around us. This includes not only natural biological occurrences like volcanoes, waterfalls and lakes  but also fauna and flora. My company Lifetech plans to find ways to create even more products to use for the advancement of the human race. 

   Turritopsis Dohrnii is a jellyfish able to revert to a younger version of itself at a constant rate. The jellyfish does this through transdifferentiation ,  which alters the cells and turns them into different types of cells. Research should be done to find ways to introduce this into human DNA through experimental procedures which  gene alteration. In the same way we currently have procedures to prevent diseases from reoccurring in offspring we may be able to create specific mutations and cause them to reappear in offspring.  Turrhitopsis Dohrnii is only one of the immortal animals in the world. 


   Immortal lobsters are another immortal animal in our world. Finding out how these animals exist in immortal states is the first step in ensuring a positive future for humanity. Pharmaceuticals can then be created to not only create this effect in humans but also introduce into the entire human genome. The actual cells of a lobster behave very differently than our own. Instead of shortening over time a lobster's telomeres are constantly rejuvenating, due to the enzyme telomerase. Humans also produce telomerase but at no where near the same rate as a lobster. Telomerase repairs long repetitive sections of DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes referred to as telomeres. Doctors are already testing drugs that make humans live longer by elongating telomeres inside of the cell.


    In conclusion though the virus COVID 19 is spreading around the world companies are still hard at work to find its cure. To ensure the longevity of the human race we must continue to learn about the biology around us. Animals and plants can help us and also teach us about our own biological make up. This can lead to DNA altering drugs which can benefit mankind.


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