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Unified Force, Energy and Mass

  • Posted by Hossein Javadi
  • August 7, 2015 10:10 AM EDT

For Newton, the force of gravity was merely a function of masses and the distance between them. Maxwell unified electric and magnetic fields into a symmetric coherent set of equations known as Maxwell's equations. For Einstein, gravity was caused by a deformation of space-time continuum. On this basis, he developed a highly complex algebra that merely describes it geometrically. Nowadays the majority of studies explain only the effects of gravity and not its nature. The unification of gravity with electricity has been a challenge for many great physicists of the last century. Einstein dedicated almost 25 years to the problem without success, while, in 1968, Dirac suggested that it would not be possible to unify the fundamental forces [1].
Was Dirac right? There isn't a unified force in nature? We know many physicists had been working hard to find a unified field theory. Also, they predicated many interesting theories. In this field hardest efforts had belonged to String Theory. After long year’s research and thought, I have understood any effort for finding a unified theory without considering conversion of the force and energy does not have any considerable success. In fact there is a unified force/particle in nature. In other words, Force and Energy are convertible. Also according to Relativity, mass and energy are equivalent. So, Force, Energy and Mass are three manifests of a unified entity. And it leads us to change our perception about force, energy and mass.

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