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Why Are 13x4 HD Lace Front Wigs Fabulous

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    July 6, 2023 5:39 AM EDT

    HD is the abbreviation of high definition. People apply it to human hair wigs to make the lace part invisible and undetectable when applied to the scalp. It is a lace material that used to be called Swiss lace. It can along the hairline, people hardly can notice it after wearing HD Lace Wigs.


    According to the lace area used on the wig, HD lace wigs mainly include 13x4 HD lace wigs, 13x6 HD lace wigs, 6x6 HD lace wigs, 5x5 HD lace wigs, 4x4 HD lace wigs, etc.


    In addition to having the characteristics of ordinary lace, the main specific advantages of HD Lace Front Wigs are as followings:


    High Definition: When people wear a human hair HD lace wig, their skin will be shown out with its natural color. People can hardly recognize the wig on their head, they probably will think that is their hair.


    Natural: HD lace is thinner than normal lace, it is more natural when people put on it. It gives people a fashionable and chic look.


    Softer: Because it is thin enough, when their scalp touches it, people will feel so soft and comfortable.


    Breathable: Thin and soft enough lace will give people a more breathable experience.


    How To Wear An HD Lace Closure Wigs?

    People can wear it in the same way as other lace front wigs. In addition, some points need to be paid attention to when wearing an HD lace front wig.


    1. Gently. When people put it on their head or take it off, do not pull it hard. Since HD lace is ultra-soft and thin.


    1. Clean it regularly. Regular cleaning of the lace front wigs is conducive to the preservation of wigs.


    1. Store properly. Put it on a mannequin’s head after taking it off from their head. Don’t squeeze or make it out of shape.


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