igeazle portable/travel desk
It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

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  • The base of natural logarithm : e

    This artice I wrote 6-7 years back, one of the oldest. 
    I found the derivation of "e" (the slope method) in the following...  more
  • Investigating gravitational force by a large body on a small body

    First I will start with a straight strip with negligible thickness and depth. It has length L and mass per unit length M. The other object has mass "m" and has negligible dimension. The other object lies at a distance R from the strip on a line per...
  • Circle/Sphere

    **This is an article from my personal notebook few years back. Very few read it. As I found this is a right place so thought of sharing it here **
    One of the important properties of a circle is that it has minimum boundary length with same area among ...
  • the standard deviation of the difference(and sum) between two independent populations

    Basic formulae:
    If a set has N data values, with individual data values denoted by ai (where i is from 1 to N) then mean x = ∑ai/N, variance = ∑(ai – x)2/N, and standard deviation σ = √variance.
  • Finite Population Correction for s.d. of sample mean- a derivation

    Here we are trying to find out the relation between population standard deviation σ and standard deviation of sample mean s, which is also called standard error. 
    For a population of N if we take sample size n, then combination of all such ...