As a proponent of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), it deems imperative to reiterate the importance of STEM related fields. The greatest challenges of the world are new STEM insights and ideas.  Many of the world’s population are suppressed to develop new ideas due to a lack of STEM knowledge. The growing concern is that many nations including the United States the leader in innovations are not educating students, educators, and practitioners sufficiently in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Many students fail to reach proficiency in STEM due to being taught by educators lacking the proper skills in these disciplines.  In recent years, STEM education has received great attention; the academic and the business communities are engaged with several proposals.  The time has come to get everyone involved, engaged in STEM through innovative, nationally-internationally STEM stimulated web-based network. By providing a platform to empower everyone to continue STEM, it can help address a nation’s STEM workforce, impact innovation and socioeconomic development in the United States and across the globe. To make this possible, Geazle has developed an educational network platform designed to promote a range of innovation, research, mentorship programs, and aspiration. It is time to make the right decision. As it is said, "A timely decision may be right or wrong”. Let’s be proactive because a decision that comes too late is always wrong.
Milton Bertrand is the Founder, and President of Geazle STEM Educational Network.

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STEM Communications Executive of Geazle STEM Educational Network.