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WoW Classic: Blizzard tackles players

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    December 28, 2019 3:48 AM EST

    In WoW: Classic, players have exploited an exploit to defeat dungeon or raid bosses multiple times. With the help of a layering system, players were able to buy wow classic gold enrich themselves enormously in a short time by simply overpowering an end boss more often. Blizzard has now cracked down and closed this gap with a hotfix.

    But now also those players are punished who have exploited the vulnerability. On Reddit, a user posted a screenshot of a Blizzard email alerting the user that he was suspended for a month. Other players are said to have been banned for six months or permanently.

    Even the items acquired through the gap were taken away by Blizzard. Apparently, the exploit was exploited by players massive, because certain boss loot was to have unusually low prices in the auction house. Closing the gap should now ensure that prices return to normal.

    Anyone who is specifically punished, Blizzard has recently clarified in the official forum. The manufacturer makes a very clear distinction as to whether the exploit was exploited with full intent and for its own benefit, or whether this was done as a "happy little accident". (red, 18.9.2019)

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