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Hue Jackson didn’t rule out taking back the play

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    March 13, 2019 2:50 AM EDT

     Browns gained 305 yards in 68 minutes Cheap Chris Godwin Jersey , 10 seconds Sunday. That likely won’t sit well with first-year offensive coordinator Todd Haley.“It’s not going to be about butting heads,” Jackson said when asked about the possibility, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m the head coach of the football team. I will do what I feel I need to do to get this team where it needs to be.”Jackson became testy when pressed further on the issue.“I’m the head coach of the football team, period. Period,” Jackson said. “There’s nothing else that needs to be said. Nothing. I’m the head coach of the football team.”Haley has called all the plays this season, Jackson confirmed. Jackson Bryan Anger Jersey , though, made no promises about next week when the Browns play at Pittsburgh, where Haley spent the previous six seasons as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator, or beyond.Cleveland went without an official offensive coordinator in the first two seasons after Jackson took over as head coach, with Jackson serving in both roles. Jackson promised Haley “total autonomy” when the Browns hired Haley in the spring.“Yeah, I mean Womens Bryan Anger Jersey , I’ve been respectful,” Jackson said. “That’s why you bring guys in and you make them the coordinator. Again, there are some things we’ve got to fix fast to get this thing back to where it needs to be.”The Browns entered the game ranked 20th in total offense, including 23rd in passing. The Buccaneers announced Tuesday that they signed linebacker Kevin Minter and promoted running back Dare Ogunbowale from the practice squad. They placed offensive lineman Evan Smith and running back Shaun Wilson on injured reserve in corresponding moves.Minter, 27, played 12 special teams snaps in Tampa Bay’s loss to the Bengals earlier this season. The Bucs cut him Oct. 30.The Jets cut him in the preseason.Minter played nine games with Cincinnati last season.The Cardinals made Minter a second-round choice in 2013. Bucs General Manager Jason Licht was in Arizona then.Minter played 61 games in four seasons before departing for Cincinnati in 2017.He has 256 career tackles and five sacks.Ogunbowale spent time on Tampa Bay鈥檚 practice squad this season.He originally entered the league as a college free agent , signing with the Texans in 2017. He spent time during the 2017 season on the practice squads of the Texans, Buccaneers and Washington. Ogunbowale also played two games for Washington last season.The Bucs also announced they signed running back Ralph Webb to the practice squad.


  • June 19, 2019 1:58 AM EDT

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