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  • December 28, 2018 9:29 PM EST

    Thursday open thread: Does the NFL need to fix their roughing the passer rules? While we were all freaking out about the NFL’s new rule regarding helmet contact Youth Darius Slay Jr Jersey , a smaller rule change was lying dormant, waiting to ruin the game as we know it. During this year’s owner’s meeting this year, the NFL adopted several new rules, including the aforementioned helmet rule, a kickoff change and finally a change to the catch rule. However, on the NFL’s official “2018 RULES CHANGES AND POINTS OF EMPHASIS” page, if you scroll way down the page, you’ll see a section labeled “Protection of Quarterbacks.” There you’ll find an enforcement change that has rocked the NFL season through three weeks:If you’ve missed it, this is Clay Matthews’ least-favorite new rule. He’s been called for roughing the passer in all three games, and while they all haven’t involved this landing on the quarterback/body weight stipulation, the most controversial one did. Take a look:This has the players and fans up in arms Womens Michael Roberts Jersey , as it looks like a pretty standard NFL tackle, and it’s hard to imagine Matthews making the play in any other “legal” way. So today’s Question of the Day is:Does the league need to change its roughing the passer rules or enforcement?My answer: There’s no doubt something needs to be done. I understand the reasoning for the “body weight” rule, but it seems like the league added it with little understanding just how tough/impossible it is for players to adapt to it. Asking a player to somehow control exactly where their body is while they’re in the middle of making a tackle is just too much. This isn’t a case of “the players just need to adjust,” adjusting is nearly impossible. You’re asking defenders to have reflexes that humans are incapable of, and you can see it in the frustration of the players. I don’t have a nice and neat solution to this one, but the NFL is already reportedly looking into changes in how the rule is enforced, so that’s a good sign.Your turn.Khalil Mack-to-Detroit Lions rumors quickly shot down If you’re a Detroit Lions fan tuned into Twitter, you probably spent Sunday night dreaming of Khalil Mack in a Lions jersey. That’s because Dan Leach of local sports talk radio station 97.1 The Ticket told a story on Sunday night about meeting a limo driver that told him Khalil Mack was in town to meet with general manager Bob Quinn:While some media outlets ran with the story, we decided not to because... well, because a second-hand story about a random limo driver is nowhere close to an acceptable source to believe a far-fetched story in the first place.And as expected, the local media quickly debunked this story as false. MLive’s Kyle Meinke Youth Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , who just so happened to break the Lions’ trade of Eli Harold story, got the facts straight:But don’t feel too down on the situation. Just because this story isn’t true, that doesn’t mean the Lions are necessarily completely out on Mack. Rumors more substantial than limo drivers suggest that there are at least four teams seriously pursuing Mack, and the Oakland Raiders “haven’t slammed the door” on trade inquiries. There’s no indication whether the Lions are one of those teams or not, but trading for the former Defensive Player of the Year would require some salary cap maneuvering. Obviously, Mack wants a big, new deal and the Lions only have approximately $10.5 million in cap space.For now, let’s just wait this one out before we go believing every little rumor we hear.


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