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How To Dye A Wig

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    June 22, 2021 3:36 AM EDT

    Wigs generally come in different colors. You may have bought certain ombre wigs and you realize later that it doesn’t match your skin complexion or you may just want to give yourself a new look, if that’s the case, dying your hair is the best option.

    Reasons To Dye Your frontal wig

    There are plenty of reasons that should prompt you to dye your human hair wigs. Here are our top reasons:

    1. To match your skin tone

    Sometimes, you can buy a wig that does not flatter your skin complexion, causing a discrepant between two crucial elements of a beautiful look. If you want your real hair wigs to look good and enhance your beauty, the wig should complement your skin tone. So dyeing your wig is the best option.

    1. To give yourself a new look

    You can also dye your wig to give yourself a fresh, new look. If you are used to one particular color of human hair wigs, you may dye it to switch things up. The more you wear your wig, the more it becomes dull and loses its vibrancy, especially if not taken care of properly. So you may want to refresh your wig with a new color. The new color will leave your wig looking shiny and beautiful.


    1. It is pretty easy

    Another top reason why you should consider dyeing your wig is that the process is straightforward. You can do it yourself without taking the wig to your hairstylist. As long as you have all the things needed to dye your wig and you are equipped with adequate information, you are good to go. What’s more, the colors are plenty so you can easily find a color that suits your personal style.

    Tips And Tricks To Dye Your Wig At Home

    If you want to ensure that you dye your wig properly and avoid damaging your cheap wigs, there are a number of things you need to know. Here are tips to help you dye your wig at home.

    1. Choose the right color

    Of course, before anything, you need to choose a color of your choice. You need to pay attention to the color you want because once you dye your human hair wigs or lace front wigs, it would be difficult to go back. When choosing a color, you need to choose a color that complements your skin tone. You can only achieve this if you know the color of your undertone. Skin tone generally falls in three categories: warm, neutral, and cool. Warm skin tones include yellow, gold, and green undertone. Cool undertones include pink, blue, and red. A neutral undertone, on the other hand, includes a mix of cool and warm tones.


    According to hair experts, you need to choose a hair dye color that’s the opposite of your skin tone. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, it is best to try a cool shade of browns such as chestnut or ashy colors. If you have a cool skin tone, a warmer blonde with caramel or amber colors will look good on you. If you have a neutral undertone, you can choose any of the colors. 

    1. Read the dyeing instructions carefully

    You must read the instructions carefully before you start dyeing your human hair wig. Failing to read dyeing instructions is a very common mistake among ladies who want to dye their hair. This mistake can cost them a lot. It is worth mentioning that it is not advisable to dye a wig when one is pregnant. So try to avoid dyeing your wig during this time. By reading the instructions, you will be able to know how to handle any risks that may arise when dyeing your wig. You will also be able to dye your wig in the best way possible. 

    1. Know the type of wigs you want to dye

    It is very important to know the type of wigs you want to apply dye to before anything. There are two main types of wigs: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. These wigs are made from different materials. Human hair wigs are made from human hair, while synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fiber. The type of wig will greatly determine the kind of dye you use. For instance, synthetic wigs aren’t that long-lasting, and there are dyes that can cause significant damage to them. So you need to use hair dye that is specifically made for dyeing synthetic wigs; otherwise, you will end up damaging your wig. But for human hair wigs, you only need to use it as your own hair to dye your hair. Hair dye will not damage your lace front human hair wigs.

    1. Make sure you have the right tools

    For best results, you need to have all the necessary dyeing tools. Here are the tools you need:

    • Dye brush
    • Wide-tooth comb
    • Dye [the amount you use will depend on the length, thickness, and the original color of the wig]
    • Bleach [only if you are dyeing dark wig to lighter color]
    • Glass bowl or ceramic bowl for mixing
    • Whisk
    • Long, plastic spoon to mix the dye in water for water coloring
    • Gloves
    • Spatula
    • Towel
    • Mannequin head
    • Human hair lace front Wigs to be dyed


    A Step-by-step Guide To Dying Your Wig

    Finally, here is the moment you have been waiting for: a step-by-step guide for dying your wig. It is always advisable to test a small strip before you actually dye your entire wig.

    Let’s delve into these steps.

    1. Prepare the lace front wigs human hair

    First things first, you need to prepare the unit for the best results possible. To prepare your wig, you need to wash it to get rid of any chemicals and styling products. Once you have washed your wig with shampoo, you need to let your wig dry completely. This is why it is advisable to wash your wig a couple of days before you dye it to allow plenty of drying time.  If you can’t air dry it, you can use a blow-dryer instead, with moderate heat. Then brush your wig to remove all tangles. Start from the ends as you move upward.

    1. Secure the wig

    Take your clean, dry wig on a protected, flat surface. This will enable you to distribute the coloring evenly. You can also secure it on a mannequin head.

    1. Put on the gloves and mix the hair dye

    Wearing gloves is crucial when using hair dye as it can protect you from touching your eyes, which may lead to irritation. It can also help keep your hands clean throughout the process. Mix the hair dye in a bowl according to the instructions given on the package.

    1. Apply the color to the unit

    Once you have prepared your mix and worn gloves, it is time to apply dye to the wig. The best way to do that is to place the wig on a mannequin head and use the hairbrush to apply the dye. For best results, make sure all strands of the wig are covered. Remember to keep the color away from the hair knots of the wig and the wig’s cap.

    1. Let the dye rest on your hair for sometime

    If you want the dye to penetrate deeper into your wig, it is good to let the dye rest on the wig for some minutes [for 30 minutes]. But it is not advisable to let the dye rest in the hair for more than one hour. You can also soak the wig in the dye mixture.

    1. Wash the wig after applying the dye

    It is not just about how you dye the wig; the after-dyeing process is also crucial. Remove the wig from the mannequin head and wash it with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. This shows that there are no traces of dye remaining in the wig. Apply the after-dye conditioner and leave it on for the length of time stated in the package, then rinse the wig thoroughly.

    1. Let the wig dry thoroughly


    Take your wig and put it on a towel, and blot to remove water that might still be trapped on the wig. Then place the wig back onto the mannequin head and comb through evenly. Allow the wig to air dry thoroughly.

    After completing the last step, you will get brand new colored wigs. Bring it and try if it suits you! You can make all kinds of fashionable and popular colored lace front wigs of a human hair according to the above steps. Without hurting your own hair, it is safe and convenient.

    Dyeing your wig isn’t as difficult as you may think. These dye manufacturers often include instructions and directions that make the process pretty easy. If you want to change your look, you may try dyeing your wig with any color of your choice. Hopefully, after reading this post, you can know how to dye your wig in the right way. If you think that dyeing your hair is too troublesome, or don’t want to waste time on this matter, then you can directly buy our colored wigs human hair, the affordable and popular colored lace front wigs can use PayPal or quad pay to buy now pay later wigs.

    By dyeing your wig the right way, you can extend your wig’s lifespan and reuse it more times. Besides, dyeing your human hair wigs a home will not only save you more money, but it will also save you the time you could have drove to the salon to have the wig dyed by your hairstylist.