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  • Chemical in coffee may help prevent obesity-related disease

    A chemical compound commonly found in coffee may help prevent some of the damaging effects of obesity. Scientists have found that chlorogenic acid, or CGA, significantly reduced insulin resistance and accumulation of fat in the livers of mice who were...  more
  • Drinking decaf or regular coffee maybe good for the liver, study suggests

    Researchers report that decaffeinated coffee drinking may benefit liver health. Results show that higher coffee consumption, regardless of caffeine content, was linked to lower levels of abnormal liver enzymes. This suggests that chemical compounds in...  more
  • Is College Still a Part of the American Dream?

    Is College Still a Part of the American Dream?
    In the past decade college tuition has increased 86%. That is far more the inflation rate of gas, housing, healthcare and many others.  Almost half of Americans who start college today will not gradu...
  • Coffee Protects the Heart with the Help of Mitochondria

    By Milton Bertrand
    Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world; it is estimated with a yearly world average consumption of 1.1 kg per capita, which reaches 4.5 kg in industrialized countries [1]. More recently, caffeine consumptio...
  • Coffee may improve athletic endurance performance

    The caffeine in a morning cup of coffee could help improve athletic endurance, according to a new review study