igeazle portable/travel desk
It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

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  • STEM fields give rise to great innovations.

    STEM fields give rise to great innovations.
  • Climbing a tree can improve cognitive skills, researchers say

    Climbing a tree and balancing on a beam can dramatically improve cognitive skills, according to a study. The findings suggest working memory improvements can be made in just a couple of hours of these types of physical exercises.
  • Diabetics who skip breakfast provoke hazardous blood sugar spikes

    A new study reveals how skipping breakfast affects people with type-2 diabetes. According to the researchers, pancreatic beta cells which produce insulin lose their "memory" due to the prolonged period between one evening's dinner and the next day's...  more
  • Poverty and the Cognitive Abilities

    Poverty deprives so much of the mental energy that it leaves people struggling to make ends meet often have little brainpower left for anything else; such poverty leaves them more susceptible to bad decisions that can perpetuate their situation.
  • 1π0: Theory of Everything

    This publication is by Neehar Sanadhaya; He is a fellow Geazler; he is a Research Asst. & Lecturer at Maharshi Arvind inst. of Engg. & Research Centre. He is also the author of "Who AM I". He is hopeful to provide some points of knowledge as to some...  more
  • Social Network as Educational Tools

    While there are many social platforms, it is imperative to find one that shares your interest. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just the tip of social media iceberg; there are more applications out there and more to come; in so doing,...  more
  • The world of living things (Nature) had it first

    Nature is our best instructor.
  • Seahorse Tail as Inspiration to Future Robots and Medical Devices

    The key aspect to better, tougher and more coordinated robots as well as improved medical devices, among other advances, could derive from the square tail of the seahorse.
  • Preclinical Trials of HIV Vaccine on Non-human Primates Show Positive Results

    Preclinical data published in Science forms basis for early human clinical trials
  • How Do Mobile Devices Impact Student Learning?

    Can students concentrate with the same intensity while exchanging texts with their friends and family? A new study evaluates how different types of messaging impact student retention of classroom material.