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It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

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  • Graviton and virtual photons

    In quantum electrodynamics (QED) a charged particle emits exchange force particles continuously. This process has no effect on the properties of a charged particle such as its mass and charge. How is it explainable? If a charged partic...
  • Graviton and cosmology equations, before the Big Bang

    For long time seemed the Friedmann equation is able to explain universe, but in recent years, the cosmological constant was of interest to cosmologists. However, these two equations are unable to explain before the Big Bang. Thus this paper,...
  • Graviton: physical time and thermodynamics

    In classical mechanics, time is something that passes uniformly regardless of whatever happens in the world. For this reason Newton spoke of absolute space and absolute time. On the other hand, Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity predict...
  • Graviton: Virtual photon and Quantum Chromodynamics

    The strong interaction or strong force is today understood to represent the interactions between quarks and gluons as detailed by the theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The strong force is the fundamental force mediated by gluons, actin...
  • Modern physics; problems and solutions

    Some of the major unsolved problems in physics are theoretical, meaning that existing theories seem incapable of explaining a certain observed phenomenon or experimental result. The others are experimental, meaning that there is a difficulty in creating...  more
  • Unified Force, Energy and Mass

    Abstract:For Newton, the force of gravity was merely a function of masses and the distance between them. Maxwell unified electric and magnetic fields into a symmetric coherent set of equations known as Maxwell's equations. For Einstein, gravity was cau...
  • New biosensors for managing microbial 'workers'

    New biosensors enable scientists to more effectively control and 'communicate with' engineered bacteria.

    New biosensors have been developed that could improve control and complexity of metabolically engineered microbes, bringing us one step closer to a...  more
  • STEM Unprecedented

    By Milton Bertrand
    STEM disciplines are empowering society in unprecedented ways; these disciplines are at the core of all innovations. Engaging in these fields will change the way we solve the world’s most pressing challenges.
    Tremendous socie...
  • Tiny mechanical wrist gives new dexterity to needlescopic surgery

    A mechanical wrist less than 1/16th of an inch thick -- small enough to use in needlescopic surgery, the least invasive form of minimally invasive surgery -- has been created by scientists. Needlescopic surgery, which uses surgical instruments shrunk to...  more
  • Intellectuals and the rise of the modern economy as to why STEM fields matter

    There are good reasons to get engaged and involved in STEM education.