igeazle portable/travel desk
It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

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  • You have heard it; is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

    While many aspects of attractiveness are universal researchers provide new answer as to why beauy is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Mahattma Rice Rich

    It's intresting  to be understanding of some societal issues but its evern more necessary and pertinent to hear your words uttered. Seril. by some its more viceral and untandom than most. The price, so one can have the wisdom of the mass. No so th...
  • Texas Instruments

    Why would a Texas Instrument be so powerful and handling everthing. I had to swtich calculators to find out. They can figue out anything. Even how to forget the very idea to put hope in the most obvious things. Thiers is always another way to look at t...
  • The View that Changed The Morning View

    I used to fear the idea of eating foreign foods native to some countries that used primitive methods, when compared to my ideal of living, to prepare thier foods but now I understand that its not a terrible thing to eat they skin of the banna along wit...
  • Early Morning View, The Perspective of Healthy

    Today I woke up with the paranoid of of breaking my head in a halogen lamp and realized the colonial fan of yesterday would have sufficed in a more cookie cutter way. I sat and thought what would be best. Should I proceed to work, or worry about how th...
  • Uncle Bens to pollo Tropical, The Mango That fell

    Found a mango on the laundry room dryer today and saw it was good to eat. It was as good as most fruits get. Its mostly red and some green and it has alot of speckles. It has one scar from where im looking at it. It is very fragrant. Fragrant smells co...
  • Principles of Virtual Reality Teleportation Panagiwtis Rizos

    The basic principles of Teleportation is not inconsistent with the natural world and time we perceive the world. A key element of irreversible logic and hence of human capacity is the time. Another non-reversible component of our technology is the amou...
  • Pyramid Principles of Virtual Reality Teleportation

    Good virtual reality situation (data) and fromComplete data statements (data) and fromChannels transport to and from state (virtual reality)Check the accuracy of previous
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  • After Black Hole we have... a transreseiver

    What is aftrer Black Hole?We dont know Yet...But if we will put a a transreseiver ,data from the "end" of Black Hole will come to us.
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  • Telecom Table

    A special transmitter fitted with a touchscreen TFT Touch Screen at your table, allowing you to type your preferred menu. Then through a wireless coupling, the transmitter sends information (electromagnetic waves) to the receiver of a TFT screen instal...