igeazle portable/travel desk
It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

Educational Evaluation and Research Articles

  • Learning

    Learning is the best investment we can make of our time; we hope this new year will do just that. An investment in learning pays the greatest interest.

    Dedicate yourself to constant learning
    The more you do and the better you will be
    Understand th...
  • A Counter Argument to Billionaires Explaining to You Why a College Degree Is Useless

    In today’s world, going without a college degree is a gamble.
  • Day dreaming suggests that you are smart

    A new study suggests that daydreaming during meetings isn't necessarily a bad thing. It might be a sign that you're really smart and creative. People with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering.
  • Stay fit, and keep learning to longer life span

    According to researchers at University of Edinburgh, people who are overweight cut their life expectancy by two months for every extra kilogram of weight they carry. In addition, education is found to lead to a longer life, with almost a year added for...
  • Empower the Girls

    It is on you to pave the way, and change the world.
  • An Easy Way to Add Audio to Your Website, Blog for Pod-casting

    Podcast is portable on demand broadcasting; it is an audio file available for listeners on a webpage. While it is fairly easy to upload video files, it is to some extent a challenge for many to add audio to their blogs and so on.  
    Podcasting has...
  • STEM Fields

    It is believed that Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics fields belong to everyone; let's get involved for a better future.
  • Good Studying Practices

    By Milton Bertrand
    Recall Information. After reading a page or a chapter, it is important to glance away to recall main ideas. It is recommended not to highlight, or highlight very little if you have to. It is best not to highlight until you cement th...
  • How The 2016 Elections Could Impact STEM in the US

    By Milton Bertrand
    STEM is the acronym that stands for Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics. The days post the 2016 elections articles after articles scientists and researchers (STEMers) express grave concern, fear and even panic about the...
  • Studying: Is it bad for your health to pull an all-nighter?

    A late night at the library, copious amounts of energy drinks or coffee and class notes from the last month; surely you’ll be able to ace the exam if you just spend the next 24 hours focused on the material. Unfortunately, procrastination and sleep...  more