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It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

Health & Medicine Articles

  • Researchers at La Jolla Institute uncover immune cells that may lower airway allergy and asthma risk

    In a new Science Immunology study, published on June 12, 2020, Researchers at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) offer a clue as to why non-allergic people don't have a strong reaction to house dust mites. “The study...
  • Home Gardening and Emotional Well Being

    According to a new study, Princeton researchers found that gardening at home had a similar effect on people’s emotional well-being (or happiness) as biking, walking or dining out. Home gardening's benefits were found similar across racial bou...
  • Can the air the quality affect your weight?

    In a new study published March 12, 2020 by the University of Colorado at Boulder links air pollution to changes in the human gut microbiome which could fuel diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis and Crohn's disease. Here is the...
  • Be Aware of Smokers

    Thirdhand smoke can damage epithelial cells in the respiratory system by stressing cells and causing them to fight for survival.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Health Privacy

    Advances in artificial intelligence, including activity trackers, smartphones and smartwatches, threaten the privacy of people's health data, according to new research.
  • Sleep may strengthen long-term memories in the immune system

    More than a century ago, scientists demonstrated that sleep supports the retention of memories of facts and events. Later studies have shown that slow-wave sleep, often referred to as deep sleep, is important for transforming fragile, recently formed m...
  • Researchers find potential source of insulin-producing cells in adult human pancreas

    The USF-led study may lead to drug therapies to replenish cells destroyed or damaged by diabetes
  • Staying safe in sandy beaches

    Beach sand contains all kinds of microorganisms, including those that can harm human health. Yet current guidelines are focused exclusively on monitoring the levels of microbes in the water. Now, an international panel of scientists is recommending...  more
  • High iron intake may increase appetite, disease risk

    Here’s one more reason to cut down on the amount of red meat you eat. Using an animal model, researchers have found that dietary iron intake, equivalent to heavy red meat consumption, suppresses leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite.
  • Trans fats, but not saturated fats like butter, linked to greater risk of early death and heart disease

    Contrary to prevailing dietary advice, a recent evidence review found no excess cardiovascular risk associated with intake of saturated fat. In contrast, research suggests that industrial trans fats may increase the risk of coronary heart disease.