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Mathematics Articles

  • Mathematical Equations hidden tools of our imagination

    As Humans our life could have been far more complex without tools. In ancient time, stone axes brought us our food; the discovery of the telescope expanded our horizon to see the universe far beyond our physical location; today we become very dependent...
  • Mathematics Application in Basketball

    While basketball is a popular sport, mathematics does not have that many fans.
  • The base of natural logarithm : e

    This artice I wrote 6-7 years back, one of the oldest. 
    I found the derivation of "e" (the slope method) in the following...  more
  • Computational model: Ebola could infect more than 1.4 million people by end of January 2015

    The Ebola epidemic could claim hundreds of thousands of lives and infect more than 1.4 million people by the end of January, according to a statistical forecast released this week by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC forecast...  more
  • The Indispensability of Mathematics

    To understand all physical phenomena, mysteries, and the existence of humanity, mathematics is the gate of entry. It is the universal language of civilization.
  • Circle/Sphere

    **This is an article from my personal notebook few years back. Very few read it. As I found this is a right place so thought of sharing it here **
    One of the important properties of a circle is that it has minimum boundary length with same area among ...
  • Macrocosmic Presence of Mathematics

    Your hopes, your desires, everything you did, do, or will ever do rest within numbers; Mathematics contains all the answers to all the questions in this macrocosm; the secret to immortality, eternal happiness, and the meaning of life rest within numbers....  more
  • Square Root Day

    √Square Root Day
    A high school teacher from Redwood City, California by the name of Ron Gordon, created the first Square Root Day for September 9, 1981 (09-09-81). Square Root Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated...
  • the standard deviation of the difference(and sum) between two independent populations

    Basic formulae:
    If a set has N data values, with individual data values denoted by ai (where i is from 1 to N) then mean x = ∑ai/N, variance = ∑(ai – x)2/N, and standard deviation σ = √variance.
  • Finite Population Correction for s.d. of sample mean- a derivation

    Here we are trying to find out the relation between population standard deviation σ and standard deviation of sample mean s, which is also called standard error. 
    For a population of N if we take sample size n, then combination of all such ...