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It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.

Technology Articles

  • What is the future of cyber science and artificial intelligence (AI)?

    By: Milton Bertrand
    STEM proponent a fellow Geazler STEM Platform
    It is evident that scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians (STEMers) are constantly working to create new innovations to transform and shape the way society li...
  • Google Inc. has launched a Wi-Fi router

    On Tuesday 08/18/2015, Google Inc. has launched a Wi-Fi router. That is the latest move in the company’s efforts to get and draw more users to its services. The router named OnHub can be pre-ordered for $199.99 at online retailers like the Google...
  • Mobile technology may help people improve health behaviors

    Smart phone apps and wearable sensors are promising for improving cardiovascular health behaviors, preliminary data suggest. Self-monitoring is a key facet of changing behavior to prevent and manage heart health. Smartphone apps and wearable sensors have...  more
  • Keep Your Technology Company Out of China

    Keep your technology company out of China. According to several reports, tech companies may be subjected to reveal company secrets under a Chinese security law. In May 2015, a draft of China’s new national security law was made public; however, it was...  more
  • What Does the Internet Mean to Traditional TV Cable Subscriptions?

    What Does the Internet Mean to Traditional TV Cable Subscriptions?
    The Internet as most of us know it is changing the way we do things. The Internet has replaced or enhanced the experiences the many things we do. The Internet continues to have amazing...
  • Electronics you can wrap around your finger

    A new multiferroric film keeps its electric and magnetic properties even when highly curved, paving the way for potential uses in wearable devices.
  • NASA, Microsoft collaboration will allow scientists to 'work on Mars

    NASA and Microsoft have teamed up to develop software called OnSight, a new technology that will enable scientists to work virtually on Mars using wearable technology called Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Ultra-fast charging batteries that can be 70% recharged in just two minutes

    Scientists have developed a new battery that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only 2 minutes. The battery will also have a longer lifespan of over 20 years. Expected to be the next big thing in battery technology, this breakthrough has a...  more
  • Screens Test: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

    By: David Katzmaier and Scott Stein, CNET
    "Aside from one another, the main competition for Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes from Samsung’s line of Galaxies, the Galaxy S5 and the upcoming N...
  • Apple iTime Smartwatch

    "It means more to us to get it right than to be first," Apple CEO Tim Cook explained to analysts earlier this year.