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The Black Panther and STEM

By Milton Bertrand

The Black Panther and STEM

As STEMers, we should seize the opportunity to stimulate interest in STEM. The movie Black Panther provides a unique opportunity for educators, professionals and students to see STEM and approach these disciplines with new insights and critical thinking.

The fictional African nation, Wakanda, has a thriving STEM economy based on the production and use of the fictional metal vibranium; as the metal is described, vibranium has amazing chemical and physical properties. It is described as a metal that dissolves other metals, absorbs all sound, and is a strong mutagen [1].

The movie provides a unique opportunity for any nation to take STEM fields seriously; STEM fields are not just important for a flourishing economy; however, they are necessary for national security. STEM fields give rise to liberty, democracy, modern medicine, communication, quality of life and so on [2].

The movie also provides a unique opportunity to address the roles of minorities, women and people of color in the STEM disciplines.

It is evident that STEM education for economic growth is imperative.  A good STEM education is vital to society’s movement forward. Education cannot remove from life and society. STEM education is the blended learning environment and shows how scientific, technological, engineering, mathematical methods can be applied to everyday life [3].  



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