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Time to Speak for STEMers

By Milton Bertrand

Inspiration is one of the keys needed to bolster public appreciation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  As it is today, it seems evident that there is little outreach by STEMers to engage the public to help them understand how the STEM fields contribute to better health, job creation, innovation, and global competitiveness. Few Americans can name a living STEMer or an institution where research takes place, according to polling commissioned by Research America. To put it bluntly, STEMers remain largely invisible to the public. Yes, that may say a great deal about the nation’s people, but it says a whole lot more about STEMers and their lack of engagement with the public.  

Here is what needs to be done. STEMers must take off their lab coats, get out of their comfort zones, get out of the buildings and engage the people of their communities and states. They must be willing to defend and spread the good news about STEM related fields. If STEMers themselves do not want to defend STEM, The question is how can we expect others to do so?

An understanding of these areas will sharpen the general nature of STEM.  It is argued that a STEM platform is necessary to do so.  Articulating an alternative ideal is a central part of my calling. It is not by accident that I become a proponent of STEM fields rather the reality and the great importance of these disciplines. Because values are important to the process of STEM, new roles for the public in that process become apparent. 

The time has come to get everyone involved, engaged in STEM through innovative, nationally-internationally STEM stimulated web-based network. By providing a platform to empower everyone to continue STEM, it can help address a nation’s STEM workforce, impact innovation and socio-economic development in the United States and across the globe. To make this possible, Geazle.com has developed a web-based network platform designed to promote a range of innovation, research, mentorship programs, and aspiration. It is time to make the right decision. As it is said, "A timely decision may be right or wrong”. Let’s be proactive because a decision that comes too late is always wrong.

About Milton Bertrand:
Milton is a STEM advocate and a fellow Geazler. His passion for STEM fields extends way back to his early childhood when his curiosity led him to reverse engineer his toys and tinker with many types of experiments. Currently, Milton is working on the stimulation of STEM to raise awareness regarding the importance of these disciplines.


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