igeazle portable/travel desk
It can be used in a variety of settings; its applications are endless.
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Expand Your Audience

It is important to use interest based platform to expand your audience. If you use social media like Facebook, Twitter, or any other platforms, you come to realize that the feeds saturate fairly quickly with mainstream stories. In so doing, these platforms are less productive as a marketing tool to expend any enterprise. It is very imperative to use interest based network to initiate support.

Be careful as to how you advertise on these platforms. These platforms are not as effective as many believe to a startup. However, there is a spark of interest in your business initially. This initial interest will soon be buried when your limited budget runs out. As a STEMer, Geazle platform allows you to bypass this competition. Geazle allows you to gather your ideas, posts to your specific STEM audience.

Be organic.

The size of a platform does not matter; use algorithm to your advantage; search engines give preference and provide an extra push to news items, videos and posts that already seem to have an organic momentum.

My advice to you is to stop fighting for attention on the major platforms.  You can grow your content and audience over time using an interest based platform.