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Google Inc. has launched a Wi-Fi router

On Tuesday 08/18/2015, Google Inc. has launched a Wi-Fi router. That is the latest move in the company’s efforts to get and draw more users to its services. The router named OnHub can be pre-ordered for $199.99 at online retailers like the Google Store, Amazon.com Inc. and Walmart.com.

The router has a built-in antenna that will scan the airwaves to spot the fastest connection, Google said in a blog post.

Users will be able to prioritize a device so that they can get the fastest Internet speeds for data-heavy activities such as downloading content or streaming a movie.

The router is being manufactured by network company TP-LINK, Google said, hinting that Asus could be the second manufacturing partner for the product.

The global market for “Internet of Things”, the concept of connecting household devices to the Internet, will nearly triple to $1.7 trillion by 2020, research firm International Data Corp said in June.

Google is currently working on faster Internet with its Google Fiber service in some US cities.

In addition, Google aims to expand the reach of the Internet through Project Loon, under which it is floating balloons about 12 miles above the Earth’s surface to beam Internet connection to rural and remote areas.