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Physics: Being and Time

  • Posted by Hossein Javadi
  • August 7, 2015 11:29 AM EDT
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Understanding of being and time has always been interesting and difficult for mankind. Generally, there are three approaches of religion, philosophy and science to being and time.
In this essay, I have reviewed physical being and time, because everything in nature is a physical entity. The question is what relationship is between being and time and whether in physics, being and time are separable? In this essay, I have answered these questions.
In the early days; physics was a part of the philosophy. Before Newton, physics was descriptive and analytic, and physicists had not used mathematics yet, so physics was closer to philosophy than science. For this reason, Newton had named his book "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy".1
Still we are using philosophical concepts in the physics. One of these concepts is
phenomenon. According to Kant2, it is vital always to distinguish between the distinct realms of phenomena3 and noumena4. Phenomena are the appearances, which constitute our experience; noumena are the (presumed) things themselves, which constitute reality5.
Phenomenon of a physical event can be different for different observers. Even the fact of a physical event can be something different from the phenomenon of all observers. For example, thousands years everybody thought that the earth is the center of the universe, sun and the planets orbit around the Earth. The appearance of the solar system in the minds of the people is an Earth central system. Another phenomenon that is on everyone's mind at the time it was created, was that each object must be connected to a physical object or placed on it.
The question was: Where is the earth standing? That's why some people thought the Earth was on turtle. For example; the Ptolemaic6 Model was based on common phenomena that earth was the center of the universe. But Copernicus7 system was based on himself phenomena (Figure 1).
We are not seeing the world out of it. We are a small part of the world that we live in. Also, no picture covers all the landscape, the physical events are not in our minds, and we will process our personal phenomena in mind that usually are far from the reality.

We describe a personal phenomenon, it will bring judgment and the others are compared with the phenomenon itself. In discussion, a common phenomenon will be created that is closer to reality. The history of science shows that even a common human phenomenon isn’t all reality. Physicists in order to make the joint phenomenon close together and prevent dispersion of votes and results used mathematical models.

Therefore physicists used mathematics to describe reality. Kelvin1 said: "When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it"2.
Scientific theories do not show the laws of nature, but are our understanding of physical phenomena to explain the nature and closeness of the common phenomena to the dominating rules of nature. So no theory is perfect, even if expressed with mathematical formulas.


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