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1π0: Theory of Everything

This publication is by Neehar Sanadhaya; He is a fellow Geazler; he is a Research Asst. & Lecturer at Maharshi Arvind inst. of Engg. & Research Centre. He is also the author of "Who AM I". He is hopeful to provide some points of knowledge as to some startling questions.
Abstract—In the present scenario of universe, every scientists and human is trying to find the answer of the existence of universe and itself. Till date none of the theories were able to explain the universe and its dimensions exactly. There is also contradiction among existence of religion, science, history, role of human or behavior of universe and human brain. My theory with mathematical proofs and equations is a step to provide and conclude the knowledge that solves all these contradictions. Below is provided the exact detailed explanation of the beginning or evolution of the universe till it ends. Theory will also throw light on some of basic questions as stated below.
• Initial stage of Universe formation and its End.
• What is the initial stage conditions, and How did it Happened, its complete evolution as resultant Universe.
• Explanation of Dimensions.
• Explanation of Shape and Size of Universe.
• Explanation of TIME –SPEED- SPACE.
• Formation of Mass and its Dimensions (Different Stages).
• Types of Resultant Mass, Matter Non- matter, Particle or anti-particle.
• Mathematical Co-relation among Digital and Real universe.
• Explanation of worm-holes or time holes and existence Parallel worlds or multi universe.
• Also, exact relation of space and time will be explained with calculated  mathematical results as the proof of the exactness of the theory/knowledge.

With the help of equations and explanation, I have written the theory in general words with less scientific or technical words for the best understanding of every question that could ever be asked by intelligence itself. Therefore I would request to understand the concept of the theory rather than looking for technical words. My aim is to provide the exact and correct knowledge to humans about universe so that they can choose the right path to be followed. The experiments and the results at various labs, especially CERN, will prove the theory correct and exact. Read more.