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Social Network Has a Role to Play in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

Social Network Has a Role to Play in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

BY Milton Bertrand a fellow Geazler

Networking has been around for a long time. Before the age of email, the internet, or even computers, cutting-edge scientific research was a social endeavor, with colleagues around the world keeping in touch with new developments via prolific correspondence; that was done using the pen and paper, subscription to academic journals.

It should be foolish not to think of the role of social medial play in our modern society. As it is well known, social media deliver on their promises to make communication easier, more collaborative, and faster. However, these promises have yet to do the same when they come to STEM Education.

A fundamental problem stems with educators and researchers. They are not taking the advantages of incorporating social networking in their daily lives and leverage these tools for use in the classrooms.  A STEM social platform like Geazle can be used to monitor learning, track feedback, collaborate, collate, and share digital resources for class projects and lessons. Students can become engaged, stay in touch with experts by following their work.

For many students sitting through lectures where professors teach the different aspects of STEM can be boring experiences. There is little interaction with other students in class on a regular basis; there are few group projects; discussions are often ignored because STEM problems are often seen as having only one right answer. It is believed the best way to retain is by doing. After all, STEM related fields could be so much fun to students if only if they understood their real applications.

To effectively compete in the 21st century, education with a solid foundation in STEM disciplines is imperative.  Therefore, it becomes a priority to stimulate interest in the STEM fields.  Employment in STEM disciplines is expected to grow at nearly double the rate for all occupations in the coming years. If there is little interest in the STEM fields, many companies will find it difficult to fill their positions.

On that note Geazle.com is created to close the gap. In a nutshell, Geazle is a social network with academic aims that connects scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. As the world is becoming more diverse, it is believed there must be a platform to connect STEM individuals. Geazle is that platform that connects STEMers. On Geazle a positive social portfolio can be created. Users can Blog, upload research papers, and documents, write articles, participate in forum discussions, engage in video conversation, and many more.


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