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Blood Moon

Image credit: Stella Thalluri 

The photograph of this blood moon was provided by Stella Thalluri an Australian fellow Geazler. The picture was taken in Keysbourough Melbourne city at 11:02PM UTC Melbourne, 4th April 2015. Lunar eclipses usually do not occur in any specific order. However, time to time, four total lunar eclipses happen in a row. It is also known as lunar tetrad.

Lunar Tetrad of the 2014-2015
The first three total eclipses in this lunar tetrad occurred on April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, and April 4, 2015. The last eclipse of the tetrad is expected on September 28, 2015. All four total lunar eclipses are visible from most of the United States.

According to NASA, the current century – 2001 to 2100 – will have eight tetrads. The first tetrad of the 21st century took place in 2003, and the second will happen in 2014-2015. The first eclipses in each of these tetrads will occur between March and May.


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